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“Sorry for the free show…”

“Sorry for the free show…”

I was working graveyards, about a decade ago, doing Wireless Networking support for a major PC manufacturer.

I get this call at about 2am. It’s a woman, fairly young (early 20s maybe), and she can’t get on the internet. She is getting connected to her router wired and wirelessly, but no internet.

I walk her through some standard steps, but the router is still acting kind of funky, plus I think she had Comcast (we had a lot of trouble with them).

Finally, in the troubleshooting steps, we get to the point where doing a manual reset on her router is the next best step before just replacing it.

So I told her to pick it up, turn it around, find that small, recessed button on the back left, and use a pen to press and hold that for 10 seconds.

After a brief silence, she asks, “Where is this hole again?”

“On the back of your <brand> router, where you plug the cables in, it’s on the far left.”

“Hmm, I don’t see it back here…”

I’d done this many, many times before, and I knew the mistakes customers usually made, so I said, “Move your left thumb, you have it over the hole.”

“Oh!…I’ll be right back.”

The phone click-clacks as it hits the desk, and the pattering of feet walking off in the distance can be heard.

About 30 seconds later, the footsteps are back and getting closer. Then she picks the phone up again.

She says, “Ok whew, I’m ready now. I just had to put a robe on, I didn’t know you had cameras on these things. Sorry for the free show.”

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

[Picture Source: Pixel Addict (CC)]



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