Home From The Field This phone has a…concussion?

This phone has a…concussion?

This phone has a…concussion?

User: I dropped my phone yesterday from about 4 ft. It has the symptoms of a concussion where it works when plugged in and when not plugged in only when on button pressed for a long time. It also doesn’t retain short term memory like time and date but seems to have retained all other things including pictures taken post drop. The problem now is that it is unpredictable how long you have to hold down button to activate when not plugged in. Any suggestions? Also, the “Apple” icon that does come on before pass code requested shows a crack line. Was that always there or is that saying it’s hurt? Thanks.

Me: Bring it down when you get a chance and ill take a look at it

User: Thanks. It was probably only 3.5 ft.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

[Picture Source: cdedbdme (CC)]


  1. That was my ticket of the week last week Cool to see it go from the water cooler in Spice community to FailDesk. Thanks for the love Rob…


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