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You Don’t Need To Spell “at” [story]


I have many stories as I’m working as a System admin/IT manager at a place where 90% are people above 40. Without saying where “this place” is – I can say we sell stuff you have to build yourself. and men hate going there.

I get to work…and after 2 minutes the phone is already ringing.

Worker: I’m trying to send a mail to the custumer. But i keep getting error that it did not send.

Me: Are you sure the mail address is correct?

Worker: I’ll call the customer and check again.

…after 5 minutes, the worker calls back.

Worker: Yes, the mail address is correct.

Me: Okaaaayyy…. so I tried to send a message to my private mail and it worked fine.

As I had no more clues i asked her to spell the email address for me.

Worker: I can do that, but I’m sure there is something wrong with our system.

Me: Even so, please spell it for me.


Me: You don’t need to spell ‘at’ for me. I know what the @ sign is.

Worker: Oh okay.

After a bit checking I tell her to spell it again for me.

Worker: Well this is a waste of time. It’s not always our fault. But I’ll spell it again (starting to sound grumpy).


Me: Why are you spelling “@” again?


Me: So you’re not using @ sign at all?

Worker: No why should I? The customer didn’t have that in her mail.

Me:…are you joking with me?

Worker: No.

Me: Have you ever seen a email address that doesn’t have @ sign?

Worker: Yes. Mine.

Me: What’s your email address then?


Me: *me hanging up the phone* …and then calling her boss.