You ever have that feeling the support guy isn’t listening to you?


Well, in this case, reading what you typed?

Republished with permission from TheDailyWTF comes an all-to-common occurrence of a technician on the remote end not paying attention to what you’ve explained and he goes trudging through the predefined script nevertheless:

Chat title: Laptop freezes at intial boot screen and will not boot.
 Sagar > Thank you for using CIO Live Text Chat. My name is Sagar.
 Please give me a moment to review your issue description.
 John > ok.
 Sagar > Hi John, I will assist you with that.
 John > Thank you.
 Sagar > Since how long you have been experiencing this issue?
 John > Since this morning.
 John > about an hour.
 Sagar > Was there any changes made on the computer?
 Sagar > Any software updates or software installation?
 John > I went through security at the airport yesterday and TSA had a spot check on my
 laptop and took it over to the side. Didn't check it last night, but this morning it won't boot.
 Sagar > Alright. We will check some settings regarding the same.
 John > ok?
 John > what kind of setting would you like to check?
 Sagar > Click on start >> My computer>> Click on C: drive>>
 Click on Windows folder>> Click on the Prefetch folder>>
 Delete all the files from the Prefetch folder.
 John > it won't boot.
 Sagar > Click on the Back button>> Click on the Temp folders and Delete all the files
 from the Temp folders.
 John > it won't boot.
 John > there is no clicking on anything.
 Sagar > So you mean you are not even getting the main desktop screen?
 John > yes.
 John > it won't boot.
 Sagar > okay.
 John > it stops at the intial boot screen.
 Sagar > Can we turn OFF the computer and reset the battery.
 John > sure.
 John > done the battery is out.
 Sagar > Remove the battery and wait for 2 mins.
 John > and it is turned back on.
 John > without the battery.
 John > it still won't boot.
 Sagar > What screen does it freezes?
 John > all black, hp logo, intel centrino logo, F10=ROM Based Setup
 John > that's it.
 John > hit F10 nothing happens.
 Sagar > Alright. Can you boot the computer in the safemode.
 John > no.
 John > it stops at that screen.
 John > There is no chance do do anything.
 John > it won't boot.
 ** Sagar has left the conversation **

via: [TheDailyWTF]