Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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What was he doing for 4 hours?

Went to a client’s office several weeks ago to do some work. Actually clean-up work from the last “IT Expert” they had on retainer.

$250 a month and the company couldn’t be bothered with simple things like windows update and an active subscription to anti-virus. Anyway, mess cleaned up I’m on the way out the door when the owner asks me to take a look at the NAS device that the last tech had just installed. The tech had apparently spent 4 hours setting it up (on a network with 4 PC’s….), but the owner didn’t believe it was functioning correctly.

I check the Zyzel NAS utility, everything seems normal but backups aren’t happenning. I log into the web admin panel and poke around. A weird error message to the effect of “no volumes” pops up on one page. Turns out the “expert” had installed a NAS box with no hard drives in it. WTF?

Republished with permission from: [TheDailyWTF]

Picture Source: [BruceTurner (CC)]