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Spell cheek is for loosers

A former boss, who was just let go (there is a God) told me she was tired of getting spelling errors from everyone via email and in Office Documents. She asked me to research how to do it. I did said research and found that there was a GPO I could use to make that happen. She says, “Go for it.”

So I did. That was a Friday afternoon. I come in Monday morning got settled in and started checking my email not even thinking about the GPO that I had enabled on the entire domain.

I started hearing grumbling in the executive hallway but that wasn’t unusual especially on a Monday. Next thing I know the HR director (who is now my wife – another story for another day) calls me into her office. She’s in there with the CEO, CFO and VP of the company. She’s laughing and so is everyone else except the CEO. He’s a bit challenged technically anyway so I thought I just needed to explain to him what I had done.


I got an ear full from him on how he graduated from such and such school and didn’t need an effing computer to tell him how to spell…

I was sputtering like an old boat motor and eventually just walked out saying, “She told me to do it!!!” He said, “Just turn it the eff off immediately.”

So I went cowering back to my desk and in strolls my boss. I immediately went to her office and told her what had happened. She gave me a condescending smile and said, “I’ll handle this.”

10 minutes later she stops by my desk and loud enough for everyone to hear says, “I told you not to enable that setting! Turn it off immediately!!”

I was about to explode but kept my composure long enough to turn off the setting, email her and tell her I did it and everyone would have to reboot for it to go away.

I walked outside took some deep breaths, hit some golf balls into the lake next to the office and went back to work.

Years later my wife (the HR director at the time) told me they had a staff meeting and my boss threw me under the bus quicker than you could say, “Boo”

Apparently that was a trend in many of their staff meetings. My wife thought I was a blundering fool for quite awhile…ok she still does sometimes.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

Picture Source: [成长中的小双] <-yeah, that 成长中的小双!

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