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From The Field: Technical Proficiency Is Zero [story]

From The Field: Technical Proficiency Is Zero [story]

MANAGER: I need to know, in your opinion, how technically proficient is my staff?
ME: Well, earlier this week, one of your staff members came to me for help because her computer wouldn’t turn on.
MANAGER: Uh-huh…
ME: I got to her desk, and it was off.
MANAGER: Mmm hmm.
ME: That’s it. It was turned off. She didn’t know where the ‘on’ button was.
MANAGER: …ah… Thank you.

[image: flickr/stevendepolo]


  1. Same thing happened to me. My boss called me in her office stating that her computer would not work. She believed the rabbit she had in her office chewed through the cables or wiring or something. She was frantic. I reached over, turned on the computer, and said that I wouldn’t say a word…

  2. Had a urgent call out earlier this week. Clients main machine would not turn on.
    Get there, and quite a few other devices would not switch on either. (all using a 10 gang extension lead). Pop the fuse, checks fine, swap the plug socket, still no power. Ask where the fuse box is, check that, and a fuse had blown. Reset, and everything powered up.

    Love easy jobs like this 🙂
    be safe
    cadishead computers


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