Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

Throughput Sucks [pic]

Grabbed any old patch out of a drawer at work. Noticed throughput was dismal. Anyone know what this would be used for?

It Helps To Know What You’re Talking About… [story]

From clientsfromhell.net: I was rendering still images for a publicity company and was working with a representative from the company to help (hah!) facilitate communication.  ME: Okay, I...

Local Area Connection [pic]

dammit via:

Surprisingly Common Question [pic]

PC or Mac it's more common than it should be. via:

Computer Model: Mom [pic]


Every.Single.Time. [pic]

This is one of the most annoying things ever. via:

I’ll Just Check The Log Files…Dammit [pic]

Well, that's going to be real helpful.

What’s My Username? [from the field]

You can normally gauge length of employment with statements like this. From Clientfromhell.net: Client: “What’s my username?” Me: “It’s your first name, a space and then your...