Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

Surprisingly Common Question [pic]

PC or Mac it's more common than it should be.via:

Every.Single.Time. [pic]

This is one of the most annoying things ever.via:

I’ll Just Check The Log Files…Dammit [pic]

Well, that's going to be real helpful.

What’s My Username? [from the field]

You can normally gauge length of employment with statements like this.From Clientfromhell.net: Client: “What’s my username?”Me: “It’s your first name, a space and then your last name.”CLIENT: ”How am I supposed to remember that?”  

Dear user: Lying to me doesn’t help you.

This is for those times when you wish there was a giant fist that would pop out of the other end of the phone to knock some sense into the person...From our friends at the Daily WTF:6:55 PM. Tom's shift ended in precisely five...

Magic Mouse [story]

I am the keeper of the batteries in the building. Part of my "Technical Director" duties. Boss walks into my office this morning... (context, we each have a wireless mouse with our iMacs): Boss: My mouse batteries are dead. Do you have any rechargeable ones...