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C is for Cookie, it says a lot about me

C is for Cookie, it says a lot about me

So today I got a call from a very upset user at the company I provide support for. Just as a little back story, this company use to outsource their it, but after a falling out with each other, decided to hire its own IT staff. When I got there, I had no notes or anything that had occurred while the other company was providing us with IT support. How ever, this particular user had a software called “covenant eyes” on his machine which was wrecking havoc on it.

Now back to the present. The user was calling because he was visiting our sites home page and was “appalled” at the ads that we had showing on the page. I asked him to refresh his page and see what it showed then. Apparently this just showed more “raunchy” ads.

I go to my computer, pull up our website, and suddenly realize that our ads are Google recommended ads based on each persons recent browsing history.

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

Picture Source: [ssoosay (CC)]


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