Friday, June 21, 2024
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Shocking Experience

Firstly, let me start this submission off by stating that I myself and not an IT person, but do believe this experience is a great IT related WTF moment.

I work at a Marriott hotel, where we are updating our internet service to the “fiber optic” lines that will bring our speed from like 1.5 (whatever you measure speed in) to 15 (whatever you measure speed in). So we’ve had quite a few IT companies/technicians piddling about in our electrical room, where we house all of our routers and cable boxes etc. We’ll the LAST IT guy came today and was changing our our circuit boards, and he walked into my office (which is right next to the electrical room) and states this… “Are you aware that someone has grounded all of your equipment to your gas line pipe that runs across your ceiling?” Well no I did not know that… interesting that someone would really do that…idiot.

I’m no electrician but I would generally avoid using a gas line for grounding but that’s just me. -Scott