Monday, September 28, 2020
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Simply Disastrous

Simple fixes or changes can cause completely catastrophic results.

Son, I Think I Broke The Computer [story]

My poor dad is as computer illiterate as a 50-year old Mexican immigrant can get. Growing up poor in Mexico, he didn't have access...

Crapbook Pro [pic]


Found The Guy That Works On Internet Explorer! [video]

This came to us via email submission. Claudio J. CHIABAI has a sharp eye for spotting crappy code!______________________________________________________________________[youtube] 

Lessons in backup (RAID failure) – never underestimate the cost of data loss

Client (I'll call then AirStuff) had around forty employees and does design and fabriaction of air handling systems. They have four "beige box" servers,...

Pranks have little room in IT

Hmmm ... had to be back in my programming days when I would receive data tapes (from hospitals) and had to offload all the...

And here’s the reason why we don’t just hand out admin access

I walked into work one morning and the company receptionist immediately greeted me with "Mornin! Hey the network's down." Unfortunately it wasn't the first...

Kind of like a landmine, only the fallout’s more expensive

Republished with permission from our friends at the Daily WTF:He was greeted at reception by Manny, one of the upper-level directors. He got the...

IT Fail: This is why you don’t mess with Windows logon

Republished with permission from our friends at The Daily WTF:Companies beyond a certain size all follow the same basic pattern. Where possible, everything gets centralized...