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Website design hell: “It’s hot and spicy!”

From our friends at Clients from Hell:

Designing a poster advertising a Mexican restaurant’s new meal deal:

Client: That looks good; but I don’t feel like it looks spicy enough.

Me: In what way do you want it to be spicier?

Client: I want more herbs and stuff on top of the chicken.

Me: Okay, I’ll need a few more days to re-shoot the product.

Client: You can just draw them on.

Me: I… think it would look more realistic if i just took more photos of the product.

Client: Okay, whatever. Can you also say how hot the product is? We need to get across that it’s hot and spicy.

Me: I can talk to our copywriter about putting something about that in the text.

Client: No, just put some ‘heat lines’ above the chicken, like spicy hot heat lines. Or have a little guy at the side of the chicken going, “It’s hot and spicy!”

Me: That’ll probably take a lot of work. And I think adding some kind of character would clash with the original design.

Client: No, it’ll be so funny! Everyone loves it when you add that stuff in. And have him throw the herbs on and stuff! And can he be like [celebrity]?

Me: Like as in he looks similar to [celebrity]?

Client: No, just get a photo of them and put them in.

via: [Clients From Hell]