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I LOVE this story – Rob

I’m a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped to handle my departments IT issues. Sometimes, that duty spills over to actual emergencies.

We responded to a house fire and were the second truck on the scene. The fire had started in the kitchen and spread across the living room consuming most of the first floor. After we had knocked down most of the fire, we went back out to the front door to get some tools. I have a rule taught to me by an old fireman long ago: don’t leave a house fire empty handed since there’s always an important memory to rescue. So on the way out the door, I look to this burnt pile of debris and see their desktop computer sitting there. I grab the burnt, mangled tower, yank the cables off, and cart the computer outside. I hand it off to one of the engineers and tell him to keep it safe.

After the fire is out, and we have finished tearing up the rest of the house finding hot spots, I find the computer, crack the case open and see the interior is pretty clean. I carry it over to the homeowners. She is a sobbing disaster: mid 30s, three kids under 4, and her house is almost destroyed. Then she sees the computer and screams with joy.

She thought it was destroyed in the fire and, of course, it has ALL of the kids photos on it with NO backups. Best rescue of the year.

Then she asked if I found her iPhone. Sheesh…

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]



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