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Wayback Wednesday: First true website restored to former glory

Usually, when someone restores a historically relevant object, it is truly a spectacular thing, like restoring a vintage prop from an iconic TV series.  Some others though, are on the surface, not so much, but then…there’s this.

CERN, the people who brought us what we would come to know as the World Wide Web, nods its head to itself as they restored the original URL  for the first freely available web-site.  The site was brought online in 1991, although common-folk like you or me couldn’t view it until it went royalty-free in 1993.

Here’s a look:

first website

You can check it out here – kinda unimpressive until you think about where we were back in 1993 – I’m pretty sure I was firing up our 2400 baud modem to get “online” with Prodigy or some lame local BBS.

Happy birthday, WWW!

via: [Mashable]