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Disk 3 Won’t Fit! [story]

Disk 3 Won’t Fit! [story]

Many years ago i was a tech at a dial up isp provider in North Carolina and there was one call i will never forget.

The company had software that it prefered that users install to automaticly configure the users computer settings and also acted as a launcher/general tool platform afterwards.   This sofware was sent/given to the customer for them to install on their computer and came on three 3.5 floppys.

The call was from a sweet  60-ish lady who was a new customer and had picked up the disks from the office just an hour before.

She said she had inserted the the first disk and started the install program with no problems at all.  After a while the installer asked for disk two.  She said she had a little trouble with disk two, but she finally got it going.

I was starting to think data corruption or something similar would be the reason for her call, BUT she went on to say that when the program asked for disk three she decided to call instead of continuing because she had already had so much trouble getting disk two to work that she just knew that there was no way that disk three was going to be able to fit into the drive with the other two disks already there!

She did know how to eject a floppy disk, but  the install program never told her to remove disk one and didn’t tell her to remove disk two, and since she was told by our receptionist to start the program and do exactly what the installer program told her to do….

By: Don Lewis



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