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  1. @randomness: No, that’s High Density. Standard Density was 360KB, Double Density was 720KB, and High Density was/is 1440KB. Remember that these terms were invented long before today. There’s also Extended Density 2880KB (2.88MB) disks that were only ever really used on the IBM PS/2 systems.

  2. If I remember right, these thingies were/are 3,3mm (0.13 in for yer amerucans) thick… so a stack of 1713 of them would be over 5,5 metres (over 18ft) high… “Bro, gimme the #2 and DON’T TOPPLE THE PILE!”

  3. I think Dylan Morrison is correct, the Win 8 install is just over single layer DVD size so about 5GB which is probably around the 3500-4200 disks.
    Which makes the stack according to Granne’s dimensions 11.5-nearly 14m high (37.5-45.5 feet) which is taller than the tallest point of an average UK house (8.5m)


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