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You’re Trying To Do What? [story]

You’re Trying To Do What? [story]

You just can’t make things like this up.

A user came by my desk yesterday and said she was having issues putting a file into a network drive. She tried to explain it but it just didn’t sound right so I walked over to her desk.

Turns out she was copying the text from a Word document and trying to paste that into a folder. I showed her how to use “Save As” and choose the correct destination.


  1. My favorite is when they come to you all accusatory; It turns out they were doing something they /think they have been doing for years/, when in fact they had a brain fart and mucked up some minor detail this one time.

  2. That would actually work under GNU/Linux on KDE – when copying&pasting a nonfile object text or image the (dolphin) file manager asks that you specify a filename for the pasted content and saves it as that. Another proof that GNU/Linux is more user friendly than windoze :-).


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