Monday, January 22, 2018
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Pro Gaming Accessory [pic]

One of our awesome readers brought this to our attention. via

Upgrades, working exactly as you’d expect them to.

Via our friends at The Daily WTF: The latest fad among free-wheeling startups may be BYOD, but government offices tend to be far more conservative. Government offices handling confidential data even more so. When Miguel started his contract with a state office, they issued him...

Giant gains in RAM

I popped an extra 4GB of RAM into an office laptop today, which should put the total at 8GB. However, as you can see in the below screen shot something went wonky. So I thought I'd share it with my favourite IT humour website.   What is weird is that...

From The Field: User Desktop [pic]

How? We don't know.

Dear user: Lying to me doesn’t help you.

This is for those times when you wish there was a giant fist that would pop out of the other end of the phone to knock some sense into the person... From our friends at the Daily WTF: 6:55 PM. Tom's shift ended in precisely five...

Scamception: Scamming from the inside

This is pretty scary - it only notes the kind of quality personnel some of these wireless carriers hire for their first-tier support...has anyone else heard of this type of scam variant? From Reddit reader ThisIsMyNewIdentity: Last night, my sister was locked out of her iPhone...

Git ‘er Done! [pic]

Got this today trying to fix RemoteScan for a user. Yup, that'd be an 'er for sure.  This must have been immediately following the Redneck SP2 install? Thanks go to Steve, the guy who always hits 'F7' to spell check, no matter where he is.

Scumbag ATM says “No Cash for You!” [pic]

Walked into the bar I regularly go to for a quick drink when I noticed this odd message on the ATM. And I thought the people who make these machines would be smarter than to run 'em on Windows CE.. via:

Clear Your Deleted Items Once In A While [pic]

We had a user who kept getting a corrupt OST file. When we went to check out the problem this is what we found.

IT Manager: “This computer I built won’t boot.” [story]

This story republished with permission by the Daily WTF: “Hey, can you give me a hand? This computer I built won’t boot.” Alexander sighed, and went to see what Nicholas had done now. Only a few weeks before, around the start of the year 2001, Alexander was...