Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Amazon S3: Taken Down By Typo [news]

Thousands of websites down, trillions of objects unavailable to cloud customers - all taken offline by a mistake in a command and fixed by a reboot. We've been saying it for years: the old off and back on again works like a charm! Read more...

That’s A Long DHCP Lease [pic]

Most be using a Novell box for this.

Don’t Break The Internet [video]


Computer Technicians At Schools Have It Rough [pic]

That's gum in the DC jack. Kids are hard on computers, can't be an easy job some days.

Windows XP Still Being Put To Good Use [video]

Someone is still getting good use out of Windows XP! [youtube]

This Is Exactly Me Today [pic]

I don't follow any sports.

The Artistic Value Of Windows XP [pic]

Check out this awesome artwork made with the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper by Paul Destieu!

Dogs And Phones Don’t Mix [pic]

Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Plus chewed by dog!

TBT: Super Fast Computer Using 24 SSDs [video]

This video is from 2011 but is nonetheless impressive. Rip a DVD in .8 seconds or transfer data at 2GB per second! [youtube]

Maybe Treat The IT Equipment A Little Better [pic]

Users can be hard on the equipment.