Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hardware Hide And Seek! [pic]

Always a fun office game.

User Submission: Snakes On A Keyboard [pic]

Matthew Carver said:"My Uncle found this guy on his keyboard this morning. He lives on a farm in Kansas and we just had torrential rains. Snakes often come up from the creek near the house and set up residence in the basement. I guess...

Windows 2000 – Bit Of A Flashback [pic]

Out to lunch and this is the pen we were given to sign the check! Someone cleared out the junk drawer for sure.

Get Your Bitcoins Out, This Guy Caught You [pic]

You've been busted, now go wash your hands!

Maybe Double Check Your Marketing Campaigns? [pic]

It does have my name so it could be worse.

Compaq Belt Buckle? Heck Yes! [pic]

Flash back to when 32MB of RAM was a big deal.

Don’t Print Large Jobs? [pic]

We've found the culprit.