Saturday, January 20, 2018

You Have To Smirk At The Sellers Boldness [pic]

  Really should have known better.. //

Someone Needs To Demote This Guy [pic]

According to redditor Kerberos42 this is the IT managers desktop.

Who’s Calling? [pic]

Someone thinks a little to highly of themselves.

Upgrading Through Every Version Of Windows [video]

100% chance of seeing penises being drawn. [youtube]

This Job Is Nuts [video]

Holy crap, that's a lot of acorns. [youtube]

Don’t Touch The Screen [gif]

Huge pet peeve of mine. DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN!

Happy Easter! [pic]

Don't eat too much candy today!

Hardware Hide And Seek: Where’s Your Gear? [pic]

Look what they found in the ceiling!

We Found The Jam! [pic]

Oh, the USB port you broke off is what's jammed in it!