Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Geeky Pics

Single shots of amazing and/or appalling IT-related stuff. This could be messy network closets, comics, signs, etc.

Just how expensive can a Mac get? [pic]

...apparently, as much as a used 2-door Infiniti G35 - decisions, decisions. via:

iPhone vs. Treadmill [pic]

Guess who won? via:

Sheldon Cooper, IT Manager

It was probably cool for the first couple weeks to realize that a popular television character was named the same as you, but then once your co-workers found out...probably not so much.  Maybe the real Dr. Sheldon Cooper could comment? source:

Wayback Wednesday and a Fail (kinda): Google business card, circa 1998

Q. What’s the most expensive mistake you’ve made at work? A. I met both Carl Page and Larry Page at a party hosted by a Stanford friend of mine in 1998. Carl gave me his card for eGroups and said “we’re hiring”. Larry gave me...

A primer: How to annoy a millenial

From our friends at Sticky Comics: via:

The Steps Involved In Writing An Email [comic]


Watch Out, We’ve Got A Sysadmin Here [comic]

via: (thanks to Nic at SpiceWorld!)

Truth In Apple Advertising [pic]

I actually think the logo is kinda cool... -Rob

Well, I Think This Laptop Is Shot [pic]

"The item functions perfectly but as seen on the photo, there is a bullet hole just below the screen. A firearm discharged accidentally while being maintenanced."  via: