Sunday, May 29, 2022
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The IT Crowd

Snippets from our favorite IT-related show (are there others?): The IT Crowd. If you’ve never watched it, you should. Now. Seriously, hop on over to Netflix or Channel 4 (if you are from across the pond) and stream it now. Why are you still here?

Jen’s Interview

I'm going to put you in IT. Watched some IT Crowd this weekend, love Jen's interview. [youtube]

The IT Crowd: “Memory is RAM!”

How many times have you corrected somebody about this? Me? At least 1024 times... [youtube]

Happy Monday! [video]

This is how we're feeling around here today.

Let’s hope today is a little less like this…

All day yesterday this was me. via:

Moss will do anything for an iPhone

Come to think of it, I've seen people do crazier things for iPhones... [vimeo 43768973 w=599 h=449] The IT Crowd from on Vimeo. via:

Moss is in his happy place

If you couldn't tell we are IT Crowd fans. This clip does contain strong language!

The IT Crowd: Foreign language frustration

We all have run into something similar... [youtube]

“But That’s The Button For The Internet” [video]


Your name is Peter File? [video]

[youtube] via:

Part of the herd

Don't do it,  you'll regret it!