Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Upgrading Through Every Version Of Windows [video]

100% chance of seeing penises being drawn. [youtube]

This Job Is Nuts [video]

Holy crap, that's a lot of acorns. [youtube]

How To Handle Help Desk Calls [video]

Happy Friday - may your calls be as good as Roy's. [youtube]

Don’t Break The Internet [video]


Windows XP Still Being Put To Good Use [video]

Someone is still getting good use out of Windows XP! [youtube]

TBT: Super Fast Computer Using 24 SSDs [video]

This video is from 2011 but is nonetheless impressive. Rip a DVD in .8 seconds or transfer data at 2GB per second! [youtube]

Sh*t Support People Say [video]


iPhone 7 Vs. WaterJet [video]

I could watch videos like these all day. [youtube]

How To Fix A Printer Jam [video] Thanks Uncle Rob!

Problem With My Laptop [video]

I've had similar experiences. Walk up, press power button, walk away.