Friday, October 18, 2019

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers gets a category all of its own here. Think of it like the “Florida” tag over at Fark. The site is rife with the most completely off-the-wall questions and answers you’ll ever see this side of the Internet.

Here’s a trick

Quit trying to steal your neighbors internet.

I’ll just leave this right here…

Recycling. You're doing it wrong.via:


I thought hipsters wanted people to know they have iPhones? Probably lives somewhere so underground you've never heard of it anyway.If the phone is powered on and getting a signal, someone knows approximately where you are.via

SPAM ever heard of it?

If you're asking this question I'm pretty sure your computer should be taken away.via:

Trolled them, you have. Yes, hmmm.

When 900 characters your post reaches, trolled so well you will be.via: 

You were ripped off.

Maybe stop back at the store and see if they have the rest hidden behind the counter?via:

Mom – Stay Off Yahoo Answers [pic]

Why are you using Internet Explorer for anything other than downloading Firefox or Chrome?via:


I think it more likely your parents will think you're looking up prOn and are going to...  Just sayin'. 

So I want to download Vista…

I'm assuming that if you're downloading an OS that you're looking for warez. It could be legit but I have my doubts but don't you think you could find a better OS than Vista? Additionally, he's worried about his SIMS data. His SIMS data....

Paranoid or Desperate?

Either he wants a date or he really wants a date.via