Sunday, January 29, 2023

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers gets a category all of its own here. Think of it like the “Florida” tag over at Fark. The site is rife with the most completely off-the-wall questions and answers you’ll ever see this side of the Internet.

So I want to download Vista…

I'm assuming that if you're downloading an OS that you're looking for warez. It could be legit but I have my doubts but don't...

Paranoid or Desperate?

Either he wants a date or he really wants a date. via

Try Amazon? [pic]

Even criminals like a good deal. You can buy just about anything else online so why not try. Via  

Portable Internet

Need the internet in your pocket? Me too. Via

Downloading Ethernet adapters 101

Downloading Ethernet adapters is tricky but the internet drivers are going to take forever. via:

Trying too hard

Recorded records. He has no hard drive or mastery of English? via: