Partyscript initialized

bad dancing

Thanks to Michael and Marco via Google+ for this. 11:11:13 Initializing Partyscript 11:11:43 Loading Enhanced Alcohol Destruction Module (EADM) 11:11:49 Enhanced Alcohol Destruction Module loaded 11:11:50 Activating Visual Female Scan Device (Eye) 11:11:51 Visual Female Scan Device activated 11:11:52 Starting Shake and Dance Routine (SSDR) 11:11:59 Shake and Dance Routine started 11:12:03 All Done – […]

Illustration Win: Our gadgets are our prison [pic]

your gadgets are your prison 2

Brazilian illustrator Felipe Luchi created some astounding artwork for Go Outside Magazine (ironically, I’ve never heard of this until now, mental note: come up with ‘Stay Inside’ Magazine…).  These pics show an iPhone and Mouse as a prison – so true. Beautiful and appropriate illustrations for our generation. via: [Filipe Luchi and Go Outside Magazine]