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From the Drawers of the FailDesk: December 28th Edition

From the Drawers of the FailDesk: December 28th Edition

I’m sure you’ve worked with a company like this

Conversation with the field engineer from the vendor of our POS software (means Point Of Sale. No, really, that’s what means. What else would it mean?) “I have a theory about how your company writes software. It involves a room full of monkeys and a lot of typewriters.” “Dude, I’ve walked by the room the programmers work in. There are banana stains on the walls.” Regularly referred to the home office as “The idiots up north.” He later quit to become an MCSE because the work was more challenging, and paid better.

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Telepathic keyboard

Was working for a large mobile phone distributor crew a few years ago.. On a night shift one night I got a call from one of the warehouse staff saying that her keyboard had been broken (couple of keys come off) so she had got the one from the desk opposite but that one just wouldn’t work at all…

I went down there to discover that, Yes, she had the keyboard from the desk opposite, but had missed the whole point of having a lead coming out of the keyboard.. it was still plugged in to the computer on the opposite desk.. It took me almost an hour to explain why this was why it wouldn’t work…

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I do not want to use keys to lock my house, nor do I want a doorway, now that I think of it

My QM director once spent 40 minutes with one of the staff going round and round. The staff wanted to get to her e-mail. QM director told her to log in…she said she didn’t want to log in, just wanted her e-mail. QM director told her she had to log in to get to her e-mail…she responded, “No, I don’t want to log in, I just want my e-mail.” This went on and on. The staffer just could not understand that logging in was a requirement to get to her mail. The QM director told me this was the most frustrated he had ever gotten with anyone. He finally just made her log in, and showed her how to get to her mail…she still responded after it was all over, “You guys need to fix this…I should be able to get my mail whenever I want, whether I log in or not!”

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  1. that third story reminded me of similar incident I saw at work.
    Can’t go into many specifics, but bosses were shown equipment that, when user connected into it, a red light came on, indicating that it was in use. Boss noted that the light “should be green, shouldn’t it?” Why? ’cause red means stop, and green means go? Talking VPs here.


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