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  1. I worked for an ingredients company once – we would get PCs shipped back caked with flour, cheese powder, seasonings, you name it.  We would have contests at work “Guess the facility”: See if you could guess where the computer came from, based on the smell and/or debris coming from the power supply fan.

  2. My mother would sit at her home computer and smoke while she played internet games. After 10 years she got a new machine. My husband and I were going to try to transfer her files and opened up the case (the motherboard had fried and we were trying to remove the hard drive). Do you know what smoke, nicotine, and tar do to the inside of a computer? There was a half inch layer of brown sludge covering the inside of that machine. I threw up it was so disgusting. Nothing was salvageable. She quit smoking shortly after.

  3. Not to sound like a broken record, but if that’s as dirty as computer’s got at my workplace, I’d be thrilled to clean them out.  Though there’s nothing terribly exotic around here, the buildup of dust is really quite astonishing.  Be glad you can even see the components in your video.

  4. PC sitting on the floor of a Diesel mechanics shop was completely black inside. The fan seized up on the video card and melted off.

  5. Dude, you don’t know what dusty is! You could still *see* the PCIe slots and cables. I had one once which has so much dust, fur(!), cockroach shit and rat droppings in it you couldn’t even see the processor fan, let alone the PCIe slots!

  6. that’s nothing, my sister’s desktop is so dusty, it had bred a couple of cockroaches inside and fund a spiderweb in it

  7. I’ve seen worse. Try a machine that traveled across the country, lived on or under a surface used to make stained glass(it depended on the day). when you blow it out, it’s not just dusty, but sharp too. Or hell, a server old enough to have had 60 Mb HDD’s(Mb, not Gb) that had been in use until 2013. Once assesments had been made both machines where killed thankfully(IDE cable makes me cringe at this point).


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