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AOL was made for her

AOL was made for her

I worked for AOL providing tech support back when they were just starting to grow (95) . I had a prospective member call in to tell me that she could not get the software to install.

I walked her through inserting the disk and then asked her which version of Windows she was running; since 3.1 was still out there and 95 was becoming more commonplace.

She replied “I’m not running Windows.”

I said “So you have a Mac then?”

Her reply was “No I have a Brother.”

She apparently was trying to load the AOL software onto her word processor.

I do remember word processor at the time had floppy disk drives… – Rob

via [Spiceworks Community]


  1. ahhhhh, how I miss using the phone line to open an account, calling customer service a week or so prior to the end of my free trail & getting another couple of months free to keep me on. Rinse & repeat at the end of each cycle for 3 years.
    AOhell: welcome to the world wide wtf XD

  2. I used to work for AOL tech support too. The calls I would get would blow my mind. I had one woman screaming at my that AOL broke her computer, her screen just went black. Went through all the steps off the to of my head. Got, “I did that all ready.” After 4 minutes of silence everyone in the background on the other end of the phone yelled, “TURN THE COMPUTER ON!! Computer’s not on!” …….. There was a rather large facepalm on my part.

  3. I remember those! I was only a child at the time, but my uncle had gotten me a Brother Word Process with a floppy drive. I remember trying to install AOL from a floppy, haha. Those were the days…


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