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…cinema about ubiquitous bureau hoopla

Awhile back, we had an awesome write-up on WebProNews by Drew Bowling (thank you!), entitled “Faildesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site for IT Pros.”

Now, it’s no surprise to many of you that the content of these news sites are constantly copied, drawn and quartered, chopped into little pieces, then jumped on, and then jumped on again for good measure – and then republished on some back-alley site trying to generate traffic based on the stolen content.

So be it.  But, bad translations are always funny – words that make sense in our language many times do not have an equivalent in another.  So, we felt that this was an appropriate time to steal their content and post it back on FailDesk to our benefit.

A quick snippet of text from the WebProNews article:

FailDesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site for IT Pros – Drew Bowling

The mission to make sure that every single profession and area of expertise have a customized destination to post horrible/hilarious work stories and share pictures about general office hoopla is progressing smoothly and successfully. The latest addition into this pageant of fun oddities: FailDesk.

FailDesk is the brainchild of two IT guys and the editor of Geeks Are Sexy, who have taken up the cause to comfort and cheer up their IT comrades who “work so tirelessly and diligently to make sure ‘the system stays up.’” Launched earlier this month, the site is a one-stop destination for their brethren to commiserate and find “IT-related humor while at the same time giving you a place to submit your own funny stories, pictures or videos.” Here’s a sample of some of their offerings, which I have to admit are pretty solid knee-slappers:

Now, the copied content from one of the random “SEO” sites:

Faildesk: a fun organization care site for it pros – Drew Bowling

The goal to have certain which each singular contention as well as area of imagination have the customized end to post horrible/hilarious work stories as well as share cinema about ubiquitous bureau hoopla is surpassing uniformly as well as successfully. The ultimate further in to this manifestation of fun oddities: FailDesk.

FailDesk is the brainchild of dual IT guys as well as the editor of Geeks Have been Sexy, who have taken up the means to joy as well as hearten up their IT comrades who “work so tirelessly as well as diligently to have certain ‘the complement stays up.’” Launched progressing this month, the site is the one-stop end for their brethren to empathize as well as find “IT-related amusement whilst during the same time giving we the place to contention your own droll stories, cinema or videos.” Here’s the representation of the little of their offerings, which we have to confess have been flattering plain knee-slappers:

“Geeks Have been Sexy…”

This one was particularly good – the original text:

The stories are equal parts likely to make you shake your head in amused disbelief and cause you to lose your faith in humanity’s ability to find their way out of a plastic bag.

…and from our Google Translate addicted webmaster:

The stories have been next to tools expected to have we shake up your conduct in amused dishonesty as well as means we to remove your conviction in humanity’s capability to find their approach out of the cosmetic bag.

“…find their approach out of the cosmetic bag.”  I need to put that on a T-Shirt.

Federline knows what's up.

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