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Confounding key combo conundrum

I was working in a large agriculture & construction equipment company as a contracted desktop support technician back in ’97 or so.  We were installing Windows NT 4.0 on a number of workstations when a new hot-shot technician was hired on and brought out on site to assist us with our deployments.  He was touted as being the golden-child of our group because he had all of his Microsoft certifications.

He arrived on site, and we got him started right away on an issue we were having with a particularly difficult NT installation in another office not too far from where we were working.

We were working along on our tasks when about 5 minutes passed, and he came back and sheepishly asked “how do you log in?”

Apparently, he had never experienced the ctrl+alt+del key combination of the NT logon and didn’t know what to do.

Never mind that it actually tells you what to do on the screen, but I digress.

[Picture Source: nedrichards (CC)]

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