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  1. Oh i feel your pain. The particular problem with toshiba is getting rid of certain utility’s result in very unexpected phenomenon. For example, the brightness on my particular laptop is reversed down means bright and up means dim … wtf??? lol

  2. Yup, I had a Toshiba laptop with Vista and LOADS of extra programs. Uninstall them straight away, or better yet format the hard drive and install the OS yourself just drivers (at the time I was wary about that, and didn’t have a Windows install disc). Mine had this little thing that popped up (I think they were called flash cards) at the top of the screen when you used function keys.. and you could also go there and click on them. It worked so poorly and lagged so bad, on top of Windows Vista running on only 1GB of RAM. oh lordy. 

    The HP Minis at school have those stupid functions on the F# keys that go over the F# key’s normal function.. like in a browser, for example, if I hit F5 I expect it to refresh, but the computer hibernates instead. and of course they are school computers so I can’t change those settings or uninstall the little utility that drives those buttons’ extra functions. For someone that uses shortcuts all the time and on top of the small keyboard it’s a huge annoyance. Laptop keyboards in general are a little frustrating unless it’s yours and you get used to it and disable annoying little things like I mentioned above.


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