Home Uncategorized Unless my users are “hackers,” I’m not buying it.


  1. This is the 21st century equivalent of those ’50s horror movies intended to keep teens from making out in cars. Beware the dangers of being a computer geek! The horror! The horror!

    •  i agree  this is like that “gift” pop can holder Coka Cola was”giving ” away in the late 90’s … u click the button to register fill out form and when you hit submit your cd tray ejects and tells u you have just recieved one” Free from Coke Microsoft Authorized can holder ” hahahahah you have no idea how many ppl asked me to come to their house and figure out what was goin on with their systems cause heaven forbid when they click submit their cd tray ejects .. ROFL

  2. Well, by tinkering with the fan in a computer, you can make it overheat and (back when they didnt just turn off after a certain temperature) melt it


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