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  1. It’s a computer. Made by Apple.

    Sure, it has other functions… but that’s the most accurate two-word description possible.

  2. This is a fact tag. A very old fact tag, since we don’t use tags with that header any longer. Any store that does is violating corporate policy. Often when a device is new, its not uncommon for the item description to be missing from the central database. When that happens the only thing printed is what is known, which in this case is the manufacturer. So Apple Computer as printed on the tag is the manufacturer, not the item. Walmart doesn’t even sell Apple computers.

    • In my experience as an associate, our Service Desk has a vaguely apathetic habit of accepting returns on virtually anything, even if we don’t carry the item- for example, K-Mart brand jeans, or St. John’s Bay merchandise from JC Penny.  It’s possible the item was a non-Walmart item that was returned, without a reciept, which would explain it not being in the database.  But you’re right, that IS a fairly old tag header, since it still has Mr. Smiley on it, so I’m hoping that means it’s also an old picture.


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