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From the Drawers of the FailDesk: February 3rd Edition

Full service-IT

Dear Systems

I have 2003 on my laptop and am therefore unable to open homework that students are sending me or trying to open with their usb sticks.

Can I be updated easily?

Reply :

Hi, yes you can be updated easily !

Bring yourself and your laptop in and I’ll see what I can do.

Kind Regards


This problem stumped three of four people before I had a look…We have lists of software for the builds and then anything outwith this is installed on a ‘you can have it, but if it breaks don’t come running to us!’. My colleagues were trying to figure out where the user was running this piece of software, since external devices were disabled, there was nothing in the optical drive and nothing could be found in program files, temp directories or the users desktop. The service desk insisted that “User has been able to use this in the past, but she is now having problems with the Whyfigh application.”

Typo, or just trolling?

Help desk ticket description: “User has a floppy dick drive problem”.