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  1. Fail! I’ve had mine for about a year and from the getgo I could tell it was poorly constructed. Very soon the internal (unshielded) USB wires began to show through at the point where the USB cable enters the device. Finally today I took it apart to se what could be done. And that is what led me here. The USB cable they used of low quality (not that this thing costs all that much, I know!) But you have to see the soldering job on this circuit board. Mind you, I have not touched this things yet although my soldering iron is fired up and ready to go right here. I only removed the remaining three USB wires (upper left). I just needed to document this first. It really looks like it was put together by an 8 year old–and perhaps it was! I’m not sure how it ever worked in the first place! Just thought I would share. Honestly, I think I’m going to search around for a quality used keypad with mechanical keys and then just remap and relabel with the same design as the “buddy”.


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