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Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

What gets my about some of these is how they are valued. I’m sure this is a great machine, I could even see asking for $50 after all it’s a working computer. Look at towards the end, an extra $25 for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  My money says that monitor is a 17″ CRT and the keyboard and mouse are the Dell branded one that came with it originally.

via: [craigslist]


  1. ***ATTENTION***

    Ladies and gentlemen we are not looking at a measly 256 GB of RAM or 20 GB hard drive, this anomaly of a machine is actually running 256 *Gigs* of RAM and a 20 *Gig* hard drive! A Gig is a magical combination of a gigabyte and an Irish jig! Surely using Gigs in your machine puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.


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