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But, did he get the glasses with it?

I just started a new job doing IT at a university. A faculty member needed a new monitor and my boss quoted him a nice ASUS 27″ monitor which cost around $280 or so. He re-opened the ticket after he got the monitor asking for someone to set up the monitor for him. Since I’m the new guy I was called upon to do this. I walked into his office before he got into work. I look at the monitor and see that it isn’t the one we quoted him, but something much more expensive.

Red flags start to fly up instantly and I go back to the office to tell my boss; he doesn’t believe me and walks back to the office with me.

The faculty member decided he wanted a $700 3D monitor for his old Dell factory build that has an outdated ATI video card.

The guy shows up while we where in his office and my boss tells him how he could get the same monitor for half the price or even 2 of the non-3D monitors for about the same price and it would just make more sense. The faculty member ignored all of this and said he wanted to have the newest technology available – even though we explained to him why having a 3D monitor for his computer made no sense (not to mention what would he use 3D for at work? His e-mail?).

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