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Denial isn’t just…well you know


No, users NEVER get their password wrong. Never.

Customer calls in. Outlook is working but he can’t into some other mail program. He “knows” he has the right password.

Me: “Ok, so you just tried the password that you think it is and that didn’t work?”

Cust: “That’s right.”

Me: “Why don’t we just reset the password on the server. Now, if Outlook stops working that means you had the wrong password so make sure you type it carefully as what you believe the password is in the iPhone.” (device irrelevant)

Cust: “Ok but I don’t think that’s the problem.”

Me: “Let’s just consider this a test.”

Cust: follows directions to reset his mailbox password

Me: “Ok. Let me push that update to the server. It’ll take up to two minutes max.”

Cust: before the update finishes “Ok, the iPhone’s working. Let me check Outlook.”

Me: …

Cust: “Ok, now Outlook isn’t working.”

Me: …

Cust: “What do I do?”

Me: “Put in that password you just reset to in Outlook’s password box.”

Cust: “Are you sure?”

Me: …

Cust: “Ok, I’m typing that in. There, I just click OK.”

Me: “and I see a successful login on the server now.”

Cust: “Well, I don’t know what happened there.”

Me: “you had the wrong password noted so when you reset it didn’t match Outlook’s password and outlook stopped working like I said it would.”

Cust: “Well I know I had the right password. I guess my Outlook profile was messed up or something. Thanks for your help.”

Me: after the call ended “I JUST FUCKING EXPLAINED THAT YOU MORON! WRONG PASSWORD MEANS WRONG PASSWORD. WE JUST PROVED IT…” And then I threw something across the room.

via: [Reddit]


  1. I sometimes get, “I can’t log on”.  When I get to their workstation I find that they are indeed logged on but they can’t open Outlook.  Big difference.

  2. We have so many passwords to keep track of in our workplace that one time, I tried typing a password and kept getting it wrong.  I swore that I was typing it correctly.  I even typed it to a coworker on aim to make sure i was getting it right (this was a password known to everyone on the team).  After so much frustration, I called someone over to type the password in for me and he got it to work the first time.  I was confused and realized I must have typed the password incorrectly (mind you, I had typed this password in dozens of times).  Turns out, I was typing so fast I kept missing a “p” in my password.  Even the teammate who I sent the message to didn’t catch it.

    Needless to say, I was more than embarrassed.  I then promptly blamed the short & character complex password for not being longer and simpler.


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