Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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He was probably busy with his blog…heh.

About a year ago I interviewed for a Systems Admin position; the interviewer was the current systems admin and had been with the co. for ~10 years.  Stupid me, I didn’t ask the right questions, assuming this guy had his sh!!te straight.  Bad move.

I was hired and over the course of the year I’ve seen servers with the domain administrator account (Not even renamed) logged in – purposefully, as they were afraid to log off.  Also printers and other network devices with the default login creds still in place.  The worst part was finding these nightmares, then asking about them, and being told that I would probably continue to find more things like that, as the former Sys Admin “Didn’t have time” to fix any of that unimportant stuff…  srsly…