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One button, two button, left button, right button

Clearly she’s never used a PC prior to purchasing this mouse. Buttons on a mouse tend to like decidedly like buttons…

So today I had a woman come in to my store looking for a mouse for her IMac. We don’t sell Apple mice, so she was going to have to settle for a compatible MS or Logitech mouse unless she wanted to drive 40 minutes and pay 3 times the price for an Apple one.

She decides on a cheap corded MS mouse that I specifically checked to make sure it was compatible with her machine.

30 minutes later, she’s back.

“It doesn’t work. I want my money back.”

“What do you mean, ‘It doesn’t work?’ It won’t do anything?” I asked.

“The cursor moves, but nothing opens when I click on it. Look, I’m not stupid. It doesn’t work. It must be incompatible with Macs.”

“It’s odd that the cursor would move, but the buttons wouldn’t work if it was incompatible. None of the buttons work?”

You could see the gears grinding…

“Buttons? It’s only got one button.”

“No, ma’am. That mouse has 3. Which one were you clicking?”

She insists there is only 1 button. “In the middle.”

She was clicking the fucking scroll wheel. I had to show her that there are buttons on the left and right, and that she would need to use the one on the left.

Jesus take the wheel… I don’t want to have to slap an old lady today.

Via: [Reddit]

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