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  1. yaaaaa…nobody that has never used a computer sits down and automatically goes for the mouse.  I remember the first time my mom used my computer.  She would only touch the mouse to move the cursor, then she would take her hand off and poke the button like a cat checking out something that might be dangerous.  She did this for a while until she realized she could get a more accurate click if she kept holding the mouse.

    • Lol I like your cat analogy! Someone just like my cat analogy a while ago 😛 My mom still has a hard time keeping the mouse steady when she clicks, and she still holds it kind of awkwardly, but she obviously manages since I don’t get called for help every five seconds.

      •  I think even funnier than that was my grandparents using yahoo messenger.  I used to go over to their house to watch TV while they were out of town because we didn’t have cable at home and sometimes I’d get on their computer to check messages.  I left them logged out of messenger and got a phone call the day they came home with my grandfather in a panic.
         “Did you use my computer?”
        “It’s doing something strange!”
          “Okay…what is it doing?”
         “Messenger is asking me for my username and password.”
         “What does it want?!?!”
         “Try giving it your username and password.”
          “Okay…it’s fine now.  Why did it do that?!”
         “Because I logged you off so I could check my messages, but I don’t know your password to log back in.”
         “Oh, well, my password is…”
         “Shhhh!  Don’t tell me your password!”

    • exactly what I was thinking 😛
      specially if she was used to typewriters… she would probably go for the keyboard first and ignore the “weird remote-like thing with a cable” (mouse)…


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