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Deliverin’ apps like deliverin’ babies!

Deliverin’ apps like deliverin’ babies!

At my old job, we ran (amongst many other things) a Citrix farm – it was a fairly small farm (8 servers), but it was our farm, and we were proud to keep it running.

We hosted a variety of custom home-brew applications courtesy of our application development department.  As such, pretty much everyone in the company used one of them for some portion of their job duties.

We had one lady who was just odd.  She thought that when she heard a click on the phone lines, it was us listening in…what?  I’m busy reading your emails, I don’t have time to- – – oh never mind.

Our favorite bit about this lady, however, is how she called in and said she was having troubles connecting to the “Cervix Server”  every time she had a connection issue.  EVERY TIME.

[Picture Source: carbonnyc (CC)]



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