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  1. I have to admit I ran into something like this recently…

    My g/f and I shoot a lot of video while we’re out kayaking and she found a 32 GB SD card that came with a camera she had bought. I thought “oooh, 32 GB, I’ll put that in the Go Pro which eats up lots of space”.

    Turn on the camera and it says I have room for 6 seconds of video (see where this is going?)

    I think Hmmm, that’s odd, maybe it’s partitioned or something. I literally just took it out of the package so it shouldn’t be full. Pull the card out and put it in the computer and sure enough, it says it’s full. Open the properties tab and it all becomes clear…

    It’s a 32 MEGAbyte card! Didn’t say MB on it, just said 32 in big letters on the card.

    It’s in the dumpster now to prevent future confusion.


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