Home Horror Stories Well, This Isn’t MY Internet. [story]

Well, This Isn’t MY Internet. [story]

Well, This Isn’t MY Internet. [story]

I work in a copy and print center.

Some older lady brought in her laptop and asked if I could print an e-mail off for her. She booted it up and proceeded to get angry because her Internet wasn’t working. I explained that she would need to connect to our store wi-fi to work. No, that was unacceptable and ‘made no sense’. She ‘didn’t have to do that at home’. And started yelling at me that I did something to her computer to delete her Internet (??). I hadn’t even touched her computer at this point.

She pushes her laptop toward me and says ‘fine, you do it then’. I connected her to our wi-fi. (Oh god her computer was a mess. Her desktop was completely covered in icons). And gave it back to her so she could get to her e-mail. ‘See, this is my Internet. I told you…’ She half mumbles this in irritation.

Now, she doesn’t know where her e-mail is (‘usually it’s automatically on there!’). I ask her what e-mail she uses. Gmail? Yahoo? Hotmail? She looks at me like I’m stupid. ‘why does that matter?’ At this point I’m getting pissed off. I have several other customers waiting on me. I mess around on her bookmarks, hoping that it was on there somewhere. Thank god it was. I connected her to the Comcast e-mail site. She doesn’t know her password. After a few botched password guesses, she decides to call her son to ask him. I help the other customers while she does this. I come back and she gives me the correct password. I get into her e-mail. She doesn’t remember which e-mail it was. I’m going one by one in her inbox. Nope. She then tells me it was from a few months ago. Are you kidding me?

I had to sift through 3 months of spam to find it. It was an EXPIRED spa coupon. I pointed out that it was expired and she waved it off and told me to print it out. I explained that I would need to transfer it to a flash drive to print off from our computer. She tells me that it should print off from her computer. ‘Thats what it does at home!’ I have a headache at this point.

Then, the Windows update thing pops up. I ignore it while I’m trying to transfer the file over.’What are you doing? You can’t ignore that’. She pulls the laptop toward her and presses update, which requires it to shutdown. No, she didn’t postpone it for ‘4 hours’. She does it for right. now. I am pissed off at this point.

The computer turns off and she turns it back on and lets the 100+ updates proceed. She’s there for at least another hour letting it update before giving up and leaving. She didn’t even get her coupon.

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]




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