Friday, June 21, 2024

Scam artist

Back in the 90’s  I worked for a small mobile communications + computer/network installation outfit (we used Lantastic!).  This was my first computer-job, and what I thought was a good launchpad for a computer-related career.  I was young, that’s for sure…

I’m certain that out of all the jobs I’ve ever had, the guy that ran this place was the worst boss I ever had.

My job (I think) was to provide technical support, software installation, etc for computers that came in the door.  My buddy Steve and I were the techs and he was the guy that brought in the accounts.

Well, one day, we get a call from a local insurance company – his network wasn’t working right.  There had been a storm a few days prior, so our boss goes over there and returns later that day with all 6 computers from their network telling us that we need to begin work on replacing the machines.

Well, of course, Steve and I thought – “let’s try to see how bad the damage is” and we started troubleshooting the machines from the customer.

We find pretty much that the only thing wrong was that one network card on the segment (since this is Lantastic, like Token Ring, they had toall work in order for the network to run a complete circuit).  We thought we were pretty awesome in that we were able to fix this issue that our boss couldn’t.

Not so much.  As it turns out, our boss had told the owner of the firm that his entire network & computers were completely “zapped” due to a brown out and they all had to be replaced.  We were admonished for eventhinking of trying to go over his head and make him look like a fool.  Obviously, this made Steve and I begin our search for something better as we knew this was not a place we wanted to work.

As it turned out, this guy sued all of us (i.e. all of his employees) and co-owner (who was the financial backer for the business) for conspiring against him to shut him down by sabotaging the customer-base and ultimately “his” business.

He lost in a spectacular fashion.

Last I heard, he was sued by the Attorney General in Iowa for falsely claiming to have  and sell a device that would permanently, without surgery...enlarge breasts..,

[Picture Source: Tim and Selena (CC)]