Home IT Humor Geeky Pics Worlds Grossest Keyboard? [pic]


  1. Almost threw up when you saw this? I’m thinking that’s why it looks that way to begin with. I’d be afraid to be in the same room as that keyboard let alone use it!

  2. And I thought my keyboard was dirty…. and all it has is a bit of dust between the keys that I clean about once a month…. that is actually disgusting. I bet the owner is immune to all disease though by now…

  3. Why is it that at least 50% of the “Dirty Keyboard” images have this exact model of keyboard in them? (and they aren’t the same physical one!)

  4. Reminds me of my Ex’s keyboard, Minus the pee.

    Disgusting to say the least, i clean my keyboard once a week, whats the hardship?


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