Home IT Humor Geeky Pics Please Stop Writing On Your Monitors [pic]


  1. I have never had anyone do this and i am pretty sure if i did, i would punch them in the throat…..in my head. why would they not just say hey, umm, my clock on my computer is slow. to which i would reply “i set it that way to compliment the primary user.” I am sure they would not get the reference.

  2. I hate when my mother-in-law illustrates something on my computer by rubbing her greasy mitts all over my screen and jabbing her long nails into the surface.

    • My mom does the same thing.. maybe not greasy mitts but yeah she jabs the screen way too hard. It’s not even protected by glass, just a bare LCD with whatever thin coating it has.

  3. We had an intern that loved programming, but when he wanted to point something out on the screen, he really pointed at it as if he was stabbing it to death with his finger.


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