Sunday, June 16, 2024

Not F!@#ing related

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After setting up a website, emails, and hosting for an already difficult client, I received a call:

CLIENT: Our printer has stopped working, do you know why?

ME: No sorry, I am not a computer technician.

CLIENT: Well it worked fine before you setup the new website and email.

ME: There’s nothing the website or email could do to the printer. What kind of printer is it?

CLIENT: I can’t remember, I got it with the computer about 12 years ago. The computer is also broken after the website went live.

ME: Is the printer connected to that computer?


ME: And they’re both 12-years-old?

CLIENT: Yes, and they both worked fine until the website went live… Also, my smartphone won’t connect to the internet now either.

ME: I don’t suppose your phone is 12-years-old too?

CLIENT: Don’t be ridiculous, who would keep a phone for that long?

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