Home IT Humor Geeky Pics Somehow, I think Best Buy had something to do with this.


  1. This is neither a fail nor fault of Best Buy (not a fan of Geek Squad, but won’t knock them when unnecessary). This is a 32 bit OS which only recognizes 4 GB of memory. What shows as usable sounds correct.

  2. The above comments are correct, but anyone that knows what they’re doing enough to have 24GB of RAM would know not to use 32-bit. Or, if they ordered it, the manfacturer almost certainly wouldn’t have shipped with 32-bit. So, the Best Buy comment is perfectly valid, IMO.

    • Actually a few points that make the best buy argument invalid, the OS is Windows 7 Enterprise, which means Best Buy would probably not have installed it since it is more than likely pirated, and the processor is an i7 990, which means the computer was custom built. Anyone custom building a computer would NOT go to Best Buy to have it put together.

  3. Unless I’m mistaken, aren’t you supposed to have upwards of 3.25GB on a 32-Bit OS? That being said, if Best Buy installed the OS, then it is truly their fault.

    • They just install what they’re told to install. So if the person bought win7 enterprise 32 bit, brought it to Geek Squad and said, “here, install this,” it’s not their fault.


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