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Users with a sense of humor – makes the job just a bit better.

Straight from a colleague of mine, comes a great example of the type of user I love to deal with:

I have one user who has a crazy sense of humor and while working with us in tickets let’s it all out. I always end up with a laugh when she sends a ticket in. As a recent example:

New Ticket

Ticket #5416: Setup of new chick in Crystal

Greetings IT overlords,

    We have a new chick here that needs to have a ChemLIMS login and a Crystal login so she can do her timecards and take over the world. How would we go about getting her squared away?

Thank you,
That freaky chick in Pasco

Tech Response

What genus, species, and sub-species (if applicable) is this chick? There aren’t many breeds I have problems with, but the Dorkings usually just are content to sit in the background.

User Reply

   I think her name is Homos richlands, sub species skinnychickus. It’s a rare type of species. She is skinny, cute, and has all her teeth. It’s the has all her teeth part that’s rare for the indigenous population of Richland. While there are Dorkings in this species, they don’t last around here as my powers or repelling are strong.

via: [Spiceworks Community]
[Picture Source: Sun Dazed (CC)]